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About Us

Our humble beginnings.

The founders of Dam Good Stuff Inc., Raymond and Carol Cunningham, were engineers at the San Roque Dam project (thus the name), known as the San Roque Multi-purpose Project (SRMP), built by the San Roque Power Corp. and the National Power Corp. from 1998 to 2003.

Because of the project, hundreds of households in San Manuel and San Nicolas, Pangasinan and in Itogon, Benguet were relocated to several resettlement communities. Thousands of other families living near the construction site were also affected.

To help the settlers establish themselves in their new communities, cooperatives were formed to create livelihood opportunities to supplement agricultural income. 

One of these social entrepreneurship ventures is Dam Good Stuff Inc., which buys, sells, distributes and markets goods made by families in the communities.

The company.

In October 2002, Dam Good Stuff, Inc. (DGSI) was formed under the Corporation Code of the Philippines as a 60-percent Filipino-owned-and-controlled stock corporation. It was created to provide additional sustainable livelihood opportunities for the families and communities affected by the San Roque Multi-purpose Project ( SRMP or Project ).


The primary focus of DGSI is to source out materials, design the jewelry and market them around the world.


Our mission.

Dam Good Stuff, Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing and funding livelihood programs and projects for families living in the communities affected by the San Roque Dam Project in San Manuel and San Nicolas, Pangasinan and Itogon, Benguet, Philippines.


Our vision.

To become a leader in the fashion jewelry business by pursuing excellence in design, quality, and service to our customers.  By being a leader in the industry, we can increase our sales, which will provide more jobs for the women in the affected families of San Roque.


Our corporate values.

·         Honesty

·         Discipline

·         Loyalty

·         Excellence

·         Leading by example

·         Uncompromising Character

·         Personal Commitment to Excellence

·         Willingness to Accept Responsibility


The women behind the beautiful jewelry.

Women from the families and communities affected by the San Roque Multipurpose Project organized the Agno Artisans Multipurpose Cooperative (Coop) with the help of Dam Good Stuff, Inc.  (DGSI).  It is registered and confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines.  The Coop currently consists of nearly sixty members.  DGSI provides training and equipment for its members in three categories:  designing and making of jewelry, sewing, and crocheting.  Currently, most of the jobs are focused on the design and manufacture of jewelry and fashion accessories.

An on-going training program offered by DGSI involves traveling to its Makati City design studio, showroom and sales office where they learn new jewelry-making skills, participate in the creation of new designs and have the opportunity to visit boutiques and shows to view the latest fashion trends.  Two to four Coop members per week take advantage of the program.  DGSI pays for their transportation to and from Pangasinan and miscellaneous expenses.  It maintains an apartment near the office where the ladies reside while working in Makati.

Our location.

Our business office and showroom are located in the MakatiCentral Business District.


3rd Floor One Corporate Plaza

845 Arnaiz Avenue, Legaspi Village

1229 Makati City, Philippines

 Tel. +632 840 5183
Fax. +632 840 2572


Production Facility is at:



San Roque Livelihood Center

San Roque, San Manuel

Pangasinan, Philippines

 Telefax. 075 565 2340